Tuesday, 17 July 2018

100 TOP GD Topics for Interview

Group Discussion Topics :

  2. Does India needs Smaller States
  3. Corruption is main outcome of democracy in India
  4. Role Of Computers
  5. Age and Youth: Experience And Young Talent.
  6. Are Advertisements Beneficial or misleading?
  7. Principles of Mahatma Gandhi are they valid today?
  8. Are Big Dams Necessary?
  9. Who is responsible for eve TEASING: Boys or Girls?
  10. Destroying our Culture?
  11. Foreign Television Channels are Destroying our Culture.
  12. Balance between Professionalism and Family.
  13. Brain-Drain has to be stopped.
  15. Bullet For Bullet: Is It The Right Policy?
  16. Can Trade help the poor?
  17. Commercialization of health care : Good or Bad ?
  18. Demographic Dividend in India
  19. Depreciation of Indian Rupee
  20. Do we need a fresh Reorganization of states?
  21. Does India need smaller states?
  22. E-Learning: A substitute for classroom learning?
  23. E-waste management
  24. Youth in India is becoming greedy by the day
  25. Examination - Has it killed Education? 
  26. Generation Gap 
  27. Genetically modified products - Boon or bane? 
  28. How to deal with international terrorism? 
  29. Indian villages - Our Strength or Our Weakness?
  30. Internet - a boon or a bane?
  31. Is China a threat to Indian software industry?
  32. Is dependence on computer a good thing?
  33. Is FDI good for India?
  34. Is Globalization Really Necessary? 
  35. Is the Patents Bill Good for India? 
  36. Is WikiLeaks a bane or a boon? 
  37. Lokpal Bill
  38. Media is a mixed blessing/How ethical is media? 
  39. Multinational Companies: Are they devils in disguise?
  40. National Food Security Bill - Pros and Cons.
  41. NOTA - Is it a Good step? 
  42. Nuclear Energy in India - Boon or Bane? 
  43. Present Education System in India
  44. Private Educational Institutions - Good or Bad?
  45. Relevance of Gandhi in modern world.
  46. Role of NGOs in India
  47. Role of UN in Peace keeping.
  48. Social networking sites - Boon or Bane?
  49. Should agricultural subsidies be stopped?
  50. Should Capital punishment be banned?
  51. Should euthanasia / mercy killing be legalized? 
  52. Should Water Resources Be Nationalized?
  53. Voting rights to illiterates in India is illogical because it is widely misused.
  54. We are not serious about saving Wildlife/Environment.
  55. Women Empowerment in India
  56. Women's Reservation Bill
  57. What can we do to eradicate poverty?
  58. How to Face Group Discussion
  59. Capital Punishment for Rapists
  60. Should Attempt to Suicide be Decriminalized?