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Are Advertisements Beneficial or misleading? | GD Topics

Are Advertisements Beneficial or misleading:

Points to be known:-
  • Advertisement are an integral part of modern life.
  • Advertisement is a process of promotion of goods and services through media, such as TV, Radio, Newspaper etc.
  • The focus of today's advertisements is, by hook or crook, to promote the business.
In Favor:-
  1. All kinds of businesses depend on advertisement, particularly at the time of launching new products.
  2. It is the fastest way to point across. Through advertising, anyone can reach large number of people in a short period of time.
  3. People can know the whole range of products available in the market along with their price.
  4. People can select the products of their need.
  5. In the absence of advertisements they cannot possibly know which products are available in the market.
  6. The recruitment columns in the newspapers offer wide opportunities to job seekers to get employment as per their qualifications, experience and skills. Lakhs of people get suitable placements due to these advertisements.
  7. There are business opportunities, sale and purchase of various types of goods from household goods to old vehicles.
  8. There are advertisements about lost or found things, missing things.
  9. There can be alerts in commercials about a criminal on the loose, warning the people to be careful.
  10. So many students buy newspaper for classifieds.
  11. Parents can search suitable match for their young children.
  12. Without advertising , we wouldn't have our favourite t.v. shows.
  13. Without advertising , newspapers would be very expensive and most people wouldn't buy it.

In Against:-
  1. Cost of advertisement affects the cost of product. It will become burden to costumer.
  2. The promoters only emphasise on the merits.
  3. Advertisers present the product as a favourite of the celebrities. This has great influence on young minds.
  4. People are preferring ready made food than fruits and vegetables through advertising. These new habits are adversely impacting their health.
  5. Some pesticides, though in very small quantities were found in common cold drinks. But advertisers are not revealing this fact.
  6. All cosmetic products are advertised in the name of fruit extracts, the chemical contents are neither displayed nor printed on the product cover.
  7. Teenagers are attracted by cigarette, alcohol and diet pills advertisements, and their health is adversely effecting by these habits.
  8. Consumers tend to be manipulated by an advertisement's promise that the product will do something special for them, which upsets their budget.
  9. An advertisement for an expensive good is likely to create an ill-feeling in the mind of a poor teenager who cannot afford it. Such feelings often lead to hatred and anti-social activities.
 The advertisers should keep fine balance between reality and urge to promote the product. There is nothing in this world which is perfect, everything has some good points and some bad. It's better to ignore the disadvantages and concentrate on the positive role that the advertisements are playing today in laying bare the whole market before us so that we exercise a judicious choice. It's up to us to monitor ourselves.

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