Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Media is a mixed blessing/How ethical is media?

Media is a mixed blessing/How ethical is media:

Points to be known:-

  • Media is about all the ways you can get information — books, e-media, magazines, newspapers, radio, and television.
  • In present generation media is playing a very important role.
  • Media is a freedom of speech especially in democratic countries.

In Against:-

  1. Media played a big role in getting independence to India as it created awareness in people.
  2. Through media, we can know the happenings around us.
  3. It is the communication from the country to country.
  4. We can know the jobs available and products available through advertising.
  5. It helps people to realize their duties.
  6. It helps citizens realize how people in the army lay their lives to save ours.
  7. It helps the country fight against issues like terrorism.
  8. It helps to punish the criminals soon.
  9. Media is reducing corruption by creating fear to take bribe as it is showing the pictures of the people who are taking bribe.

In Favor:-

  1. In Mumbai attacks (26/11), media caused increase of the problem. Terrorists were able to see what's happening there, and threw greneds at the commandos.
  2. Media creates a hype of everything.
  3. Through media rumors are spreading on celebrities.
  4. Most of the times their allegations are not true. This puts lives of many people and their career at stake.
  5. News channels want to create a sensation in order to gain audience attention instead of giving the actual information to the people.
  6. News channels are showing people, several ways to kill, and rob etc. By this number of criminals is increasing day by day.
  7. Some politicians are using news channels to show news in their favor. People cannot able to know the actual truth as different channel says the matter differently.
  8. It is making criminals as celebrities.

               Govt. should limit the no. of news channels and must regulate the channels which are already present. Media must be ethical enough to preserve our traditions and culture and Indian values. We can accept Media until it doesn't cross it's limits.

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