Monday, 10 November 2014



A computer is an electronic device. It can be made to work like a human. It can store information. It can also manipulate and transmit data. It can process and retrieve data very fast. But it can act only according to instruction fed to it. Micro processors almost simulate the intelligence of men. Today, micro processors are used in children's toys, calculators, robots and home appliances. The use of computers is growing every day. Telephone booths and hotels have computing machines. Reservations in trains and buses are done in computers.

Super computers have transformed agriculture in India. Weather is forecast very accurately. Farmers can plan their work well ahead. Communication satellites are monitored with the help of computers. Computers assist scientists in Atomic power stations in supervising the safety of the plant. India is leading the world in the export of software. Internet has exploded the borders of the world. People exchange valuable information through internet. One can reach any website and learn anything. Encyclopedias will cease to play vital roles in future. Children would consult internet and clear their doubts. It is no wonder even students of primary classes are given computer education.

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