Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Is dependence on computer a good thing?

Is dependence on computer a good thing:

In Favor:-

  1. We can easily store and retrieve data without much risk.
  2. We can store a lot of information and we can keep authorized access too.
  3. We are sharing innovations between countries because of computers and internet. The world is developed faster because of computers.
  4. Computers save a lot of time and money.
  5. Because of computers and internet one can take any course in any institute through e-learning.
  6. Books are digitalized and more convenient to carry.
  7. We can solve complicated problems of maths in just a few seconds.
  8. We can easily create documents effectively.
  9. We can make effective presentation to explain a topic.
  10. We can easily book tickets for travelling and for movies etc.
  11. We can easily organize files in computers than the hard copies.
  12. We can watch movies and we can play video games.

In Against:-

  1. The main disadvantage by depending on computers is taking risk about health. Working with computer most of the day causes stress, visual problems etc.
  2. Some are living in virtual world because of computers.
  3. Because of computers unemployment is increasing.
  4. Information may be stolen by hackers.
  5. Because of video games in computer, many children are addicted to computer and are being distant from real games.
  6. We are becoming lazy by depending too much on computers and are being distant from physical activities.
  7. Writing skills are degrading as many people don't want to write on a paper.
  8. People are not utilizing their their thinking capability because of computers.
  9. Crimes also increased because terrorists are also making use of them.

            Without computers it wouldn't be possible for the world to become a global village. Computer are a boon for us. We should utilize technology to compete with this fast world. But too much dependency on anything is good for nothing. Every coin has two sides. It's up to us to receive good and to leave bad.

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