Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Examination - Has it killed Education :

Points to be known:-

  • Ancient China was the first country in the world that implemented a national wide standardized test, which was called as 'Imperial examination' in 605 AD. The purpose of examination was to select for able candidates for specific governmental positions. This examination system was later applied to education.
  • In closed book system, the test taker was tested based on the memory to respond to specific items. In open book system, the test taker was tested based on the analyzing capability, test taker can use a reference book and a calculator when responding to an item.

In Favor:-

  1. Most of the exams pattern is not sufficient to evaluate the real capabilities of the student.
  2. generally, there are some important questions which comes every year. So some students just byhearting the answers for them like robots and getting good score even though they are not aware of the actual concept.
  3. There are many exams annually like daily, weekly and monthly tests. So, students barely has any time for extra curricular activities.
  4. In present generation schools and colleges unnecessarily pressuring everyone including kids to get above 90%.
  5. Most of the private colleges are not conducting practicals, they are just focusing on theoretical subjects to make their students toppers so that their college can become famous. By this students are not knowing the applicability of subjects.
  6. Because of excess pressure of examinations some students committing suicide.
  7. Some of the persons, who corrects the paper are giving marks based on number of papers without seeing the actual content. This discourages the students who have real worth.

In Against:-

  1. Examinations help to evaluate an individual academically.
  2. It helps the student understand the pressure which he/she will face in their professional lives.
  3. Exams help in facing competition.
  4. Exams help the students stay connected to their books.If there are no exams, most of the students don't concern about studies.
  5. Through Exams students can know the areas which they are weak, so that they concentrate more on those areas.
  6. If we qualify a person without exams, it may lead to critical situations like a doctor would kill many of his patients.

  Examinations are not killing the education, but the pattern of some exams are killing it. Questions must in a way to make students think about it in order to write an answer. The weightage of practicals should be more than the theoretical subjects. Exams must include projects, assignments and presentations to judge the actual worth of a student.

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