Tuesday, 11 November 2014

[UPDATED] Commercialization of HEALTH CARE : Good or Bad ? | GD Topics

Commercialization of health care : Good or Bad

Points to be known:-

  • Only 22 per cent of the health expenditure is public funded in India as compared to 44 per cent in the US, or 95 per cent in countries like Sweden or 75 per cent in all the market economies of the world taken together.

In Favor:-

  1. Private hospitals spend vast amounts of money to buy necessary equipments. So, they are taking more money from patients.
  2. Private hospitals keep their hospitals clean, and take more care of their patients as it will lead to a good name for their hospital.
  3. Government itself can't invest more money for hospitals. So, it's better to give responsibility to private people.
  4. Doctors spend a huge amount while studying. Most of them are taking loans to study. So, how can we expect them to do service to people without taking money.
  5. Because of commercialization of health care number of doctors is increasing. It's benefit to patients.

In Against:-

  1. Some Doctors suggests to take tests which is of a high cost, even though it is a small problem.
  2. Poor people are dying as they can't bare the fees for treatment.
  3. People ready to pay any amount of money as health is much more important than it. So most of the private hospitals are taking advantage of this.
  4. Some doctors used to write more medicines than enough just for pharmaceutical profit.

           Government should improve the quality of treatment in government hospitals. So, those people who are not having enough money can take good treatment. Then people can have a choice to choose between private hospitals and Government hospital as per their comfort.

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