Monday, 10 November 2014



The computer is one of the most wonderful products of modern science. The computer is scientific marvel. It is called a mechanical brain. A computer works with fantastic speed and efficiency, precision and accuracy. It can make a few thousand calculations in a second. It can count, write, solve problems of highly complex nature and it can also store information and recall it when require. The computer is a friend to students, businessmen, industrialists, scientists and others. Today computer is used in all fields, our work is made easy.

It was a scientist, by name Charles Babbage, who invented the modern computer in the 19th century. The computer re used in offices, banks, shops, factories, etc., Employers' pay particulars are prepared by the computers. The computers prepare the cash bills in the shops, hotels, etc., Reservation of the tickets in the buses, trains and plane is done by the computer. The secret information of the offices or any individual can be stored in the computer safely. Computers are used to perform very sophisticated tasks. They are used to control the direction of rockets and missiles. Such computers were used in the Second World War. A lot of researchers have been made in order to improve upon the existing ones. Computers are used in satellites to forecast weather. A computer in a hospital can give signals to doctors about a patient's condition.

The computer is of much help to the engineer. It helps them to design buildings, dams, ships, machines, etc. The computer provides information about the required cost of the building machine etc. The computer helps in defense. They are used in nuclear research. They help in complicated scientific calculation. Computers help in micro-surgery. Scanning of the organs is possible through computers. The computers held the police to probe criminals. They store the information about the criminals. The public examination question papers, mark-sheets are also computerized. India is getting foreign exchange due to the industry of Information and Technology.

Many people fear that computers can create unemployment. In fact, computers create job. In a fast moving world we want our work to be done fast and efficiently too. Therefore we do not need to be unduly worried about the introduction of computers. They create job opportunities. In reality, these wonderful machines are going to do for us most of our jobs in the twenty first century.

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