Friday, 14 November 2014

[UPDATED] YOUTH in INDIA is Becoming Greedy by the Day

Youth in India is becoming greedy by the day :

  1. Youngsters are greedy now. Everyone running behind easy money and don’t want to work hard.
  2. Youngsters have better opportunities compared to past, but young generation is not as hard working now.
  3. Youngsters want to go to abroad and they don’t want to contribute in nation’s growth but want more benefits from government.
  4. Youth don’t want to stay in India; they want to settle abroad.


  1. Ambition is being misunderstood for greediness.
  2. The way youth behaved in last decade in India the way they have worked and shown there qualities made the India one of contenders for next super power.
  3. Due to recent boom in economy youngsters already have easy opportunities so there is no need for them to work hard.

Conclusion :
Youngsters somehow running behind money but there ambitions and dreams are accelerated by their own hard work so they deserve it.

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