Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Are Foreign television channels destroying our culture?

Are Foreign television channels destroying our culture:

Points to be known:-
  • International channels available in India are TV5MONDE Asie, Deutsche Welle, CCTV 9, Australia Network, KBS World, NHK World, TBN, BBC World, CNN, Russia Today, Channel News Asia, F TV, INDIA Live24 24hr, HOME SHOP 24X7, TELE SHOPPING channel.
In Favor:-
  1. Now-a-days people can't able to talk pure mother tongue because they are watching foreign TV channels most of the time.
  2. These channels have adverse effect on institution of marriage.
  3. Some people try to imitate the trends which are shown in TV.
  4. Fashion TV in the name of exhibiting new trends, vulgarity has been showing.
  5. Children and youth are easily fascinate towards bad things than the good things.
  6. After the introduction of foreign channels, there is a drastic change in our culture.
In Against:-
  1. Culture depends on a person's perception. Nobody can destroy our culture without our permission.
  2. As world is becoming a global village, we must be ready to embrace all other cultures and have a knowledge about it.
  3. By having foreign TV channels, we can able to know about world shows and can participate in them.
  4. Discovery, National Geographic, BBC and much more foreign channels expand our knowledge.
  5. Through star sports, Ten sports we can see the sports of all countries.
  6. Cartoon Network, which is the best channel for kids.
  7. With the new DTH technology users can subscribe the channels as per their wish.
  8. Parents can lock those channels, which are dangerous to children.
  9. We can't blame foreign channels as some local channels are also destroying our culture.
  10. It's not their mistake because they are just following their culture.

 Every coin has two sides, we should take only positive side. We are responsible for our deeds. But of course, I&B ministers should take necessary steps for the controlled telecast of visual media whether it is foreign or local channel.

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