GD Topics for BPO

  1. Is coalition politics here to stay?
  2. Does India need a dictator?
  3. What ails Indian sports?
  4. Success is all about human relations
  5. Borderless worlds - Dream or reality?
  6. Quality is a myth in India
  7. Will China overtake India in IT
  8. India - the back office to the world by 2020
  9. Does Indian IT industry need to focus on products rather than services
  10. The BPO age - heralding a new employment revolution
  11. The BPO revolution and its impact on the society
  12. Education and success - Is there a correlation?
  13. We don't learn from history, we repeat it
  14. Do we need a global policeman?
  15. Indian villages - our strength or our weakness?
  16. Management Education - Is it necessary to succeed in business
  17. Kids today are not what they used to be
  18. Repeated elections - Who should pay for them
  19. Indian bureaucracy - foundation strengths or colonial hangovers?
  20. In India, the whole is less than the parts - Do we lack in team spirit?
  21. "" companies - Is there room for everyone?
  22. Artificial Intelligence - Will man be ever replaced by machines?
  23. Materialism - Have we sold our souls to the Devil?
  24. Role of ethics in tobacco industry, liquor industry etc.
  25. Are we unfit for Democracy?
  26. Survival tools for the new millennium
  27. Examinations - has it killed education
  28. Should doctors be tried in Consumer Courts
  29. Is E-Commerce the best thing for India

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